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My name is Tristi Matzuka and I am a RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) Certified Running Coach, married mother of three children, and a part time student studying nutrition. My dream is to graduate with a degree in sports nutrition.

I am the founder and owner of Run Your Distance Coaching.  Running has changed my life in many ways and I am feeling better than ever with a weight loss total of 127 pounds!  More about me…

Group Training Options


Stepping Stones - walking with intent to run


1st Strides - walk to run intervals up to 30 minutes


Next Strides I & II - learning to run longer distances


1/2 or Full Marathon

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Client Testimonials

Here’s a WHY for you. You changed my life.

My first day I was such a sad soul. Cried almost the whole class. But I listened to you. You and my fellow classmates made me want to try harder and come back.

It’s been a month. I have exercised every day but Fridays. I feel better, sleep better and eat better too. I know I am just beginning my healthy journey but wanted to express my thanks to you and God for allowing me to know this challenge, information and inspiration.


Already a casual runner I participated in Tristi Ieraci-Matzuka’s 10K and half marathon teams in 2020 and 2021 in hopes of having fun and maybe going the distance. Her consistent energy, enthusiasm and good advice helped me achieve those goals while improving my running.

Even now when the demands of family and work limit me to solo running I still benefit from the experience I had in Trisit’s group.

Bob A.

I joined 1st Strides in October 2021. Like so many others, after being stuck at home during the pandemic my mental and physical health was starting to take a toll and I needed a change. Despite being relatively young and healthy, when I joined I couldn’t even run a block – I remember thinking to myself ‘if I can’t run 30 seconds, how am I supposed to run 30 minutes?’

But slow and steady Coach Tristi helped me get there. In less than 5 months after starting, I completed my first 5K, and then 4 months later I completed my first 10K! If I can do it, you can do it – I’ll huff and puff right alongside you.

Danae B.

Walking, running, moving more is always a goal of mine, maybe yours too!?! Tristi has helped me hold myself accountable and achieve my goals of becoming a runner. Anyone looking to start slow and steady this is your chance. If you had asked me one year ago how many 5K races I planned to run, I’d laugh and clink your glass. Little did I know I’d be running my 8th race in October and have a few more planned by the end of the year. Hopefully I’ll see you on the paths. Bonus, free high fives as we pass.

Amy K.

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